Gulf Marketing & Research Company is dedicated to cost effective import and export of engineering spares and materials.Our main focus is to assist our clients in procuring these materials and goods at the most competitive prices and the best quality by identifying alternates from a worldwide base.

GMARK also have access to high-level engineering expertise and are able to make recommendations for spares and materials that have become obsolete through the age of equipment or have become prohibitively expensive. In addition we can suggestprocess changes to selected industries that are more cost effective, making use of modern materials, which in turn reduces the cost of the manufacture


GMARK will look at a company's import needs, suggest alternate suppliers and can, if requested, be totally responsible for the supply of goods to the company's work


GMARK has marketing probes into numerous MIDDLE EAST companies and are therefore well positioned to assist manufacturers in getting exposure internationally for their products. We also accept enquiries from international companies to look at alternative for products, manufactured in MIDDLE EAST & INDIA, where these products have traditionally come out of Europe or The United States of America . We would add that all products source internationally, or in MIDDLE EAST & INDIA will be manufactured to a recognized manufacturing quality standard, ISO. Where countries do not use the ISO standard, equivalent, recognized standards will be quoted against all goods. We as a company will not as a matter of principle and policy, supply sub-standard goods or materials

Imports Substitutes

For far too long, Original Equipment Manufacturers have locked equipments users into purchasing their spares at inflated prices, with our access to a team of professional engineers, we can make recommendation, where possible, to have these spares manufactured in MIDDLE EAST & INDIA without detracting from the equipment's reliability or performance.


GMARK is a company, which takes the client's, needs seriously and would build their future business around long-term relationships with satisfied clients. In addition, we are more than just a procurement company, in that we work very closely with our affiliated companies in USA & INDIA , where we have access to many years of heavy engineering experience





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